Order Your Biltong

The PRESET for biltong orders is: ‘Original Biltong’.

Should you require any flavours added; ChilliGarlic and Chilli and Garlic combinations; kindly use the “Contact me” tab, or use the PayPal ’NOTES’ section to specify this and I will adjust your order accordingly.

My Biltong is made to order, so it’s always fresh. I don’t keep weeks or months of stock.

                    Chilli 50g    Chilli & Garlic 50g    Garlic 50g  original 50g

Should you require Unsliced Biltong (Biltong Slabs), please contact me to arrange a timeframe for this to be prepared for you.


Sliced Biltong

My sliced Biltong

Biltong slabs

My unsliced Biltong (Biltong Slabs)

Biltong up to 500 Grams is delivered by Royal Mail 1st Class Large Letter.

500 Grams and over is sent by Royal Mail 1st Class Small Parcel 

Should you require unsliced Biltong, kindly contact me using the “Contact me” tab.

Should you require BULK ORDERS for Clubs or Events, kindly contact me using the “Contact Me” tab.


Biltong by post:

Sliced Biltong with P&P


Biltong delivered by me:

Sliced Biltong with Free Delivery

Thank you for purchasing your Biltong from David Maas of “Maasterpieces”

I’ve enjoyed making and eating Biltong for over 45 years.

© Maasterpieces

6 thoughts on “Order Your Biltong

  1. Susan Nortje

    Hi David … Well Done & Congrats to you on your Venture ….
    Great Find …. will def order. Just a question please….
    Do you produce your Biltong ‘ Sonder Vet ‘!!!
    I’ve always enjoyed traditional Biltong, not too wet, but definitely cannot stomach the fat strips alongside the ‘slabs’, so commonly sold in Butchers in SA.
    Can you supply cut Biltong without that unhealthy yellow fat ..? … Looking at the dietary analysis I think not…
    Thank you
    Susan Nortje

    1. David Maas Post author

      Thanks for your well wishes and question Susan.

      The meat I get from my local abattoir is trimmed lean Silverside with minuscule marbling in the meat (this contributes to the high protein content of my Biltong). The fat content of the Biltong is very low and and Nutritionalists reckon that the three main types of fat are saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, which I have had analysed in my Biltong product.

      According to those same people, we need all three in our diets, but because some are better for us than others, it’s important to become aware of the amounts of which fats you are eating. With less than 5½ g per 100g in Saturated fats, it is low. Monounsaturated fats and Polyunsaturated fats are both good for you.

      I don’t like that yellow fat too much too, so I won’t sell what I wouldn’t eat. The photograph of the “Slabs” on this page is Original Biltong. You can see there is none of that fat on it.

      Ek maak my biltong “Sonder Vet”, en dit proe pure plaas.

  2. Andrew Bettany

    Hi, looks great. I cannot see the order button for unsliced Biltong (Biltong Slabs)? Do I just add a note on the Paypal?

  3. Kelly

    Hi there David,
    A South African here dying for some Biltong. Im staying in Rowlands Castle – Portsmouth, can you let me know how long it would possibly take in the mail to get here?
    Would love to get some original and chilli.

    Thanks so much


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